20081227-the-goals3The Hippo Roller team has just shared great news about their redesign project. With the Hippo Water Roller, an individual can transport 24 gallons (200 pounds) of water as if pushing a 22-pound weight. This is enough to provide water for a family of five people for a day, with a single trip. However, the biggest obstacle to distributing these life-changing devices broadly was its $100 price tag, including shipping the cumbersome Hippos.

Hippo Roller brought the challenge to Project H Design and Engineers Without Borders, resulting in a two-part, nesting, stackable version of the Hippo which cuts the required shipping volume to 1/3 the original space. Ikea would be proud!

The next challenge is to cast the mold that will enable the manufacture of the Hippo 2.0s. To raise the $5000 needed to create this mold, Hippo has launched a $25×200 campaign. For a $25 donation, 200 supporters can sponsor the original mold and bring more Hippos to more people in need of safe water globally.

hippo-roller-25x200-fundraiser2Here’s a beautifully captured video of their most recent Hippo Drop delivering 90 Hippos in South Africa. Great chance to see the Hippos in motion – looks like they’re fairly easy to push!

5 thoughts on “Hippo Roller announces $25 x 200 campaign

  1. There is nothing about the mold funding on their website. Does this mean the 25×200 campaign was a success, or is it yet to come?

  2. hi hans-

    we havent reached our fundraising goal yet, but we’re making progress!

  3. I’ve had this design concept and your fund-raising problem in the back of my mind for a bit.

    I saw the design and wondered how it would function as a tumbling composter. Perhaps you could market it to the high-end gardening shoppers to fund the water project, kind of like the one laptop per child campaign last winter (Give One Get One).

  4. hi sarah-
    i dont know about a composter, but the Hippo makes a fantastic rainwater catcher. easy to roll it around the yard to water plants. its also great for orchards, and anyone who needs to irrigate young trees. once we get the funding to make the new design, we plan to make Hippos available to anyone in the world who needs them!

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