20081227-the-goals7Here’s proof that design will, in fact, save the world. Nothing has done more to spur the world to action than Al Gore’s presentation-turned-movie, An Inconvenient Truth. And what made that presentation so impactful? Duarte Design’s makeover of his presentation slides.

20090112-presentation-heard-round-the-world1I’d like to experiment with this type of format – instead of wordy blog posts, present mini pecha-kucha-style visual stories about world-changing designs. It will be a lot easier for you to digest, but a lot more work for me. I’m hoping that the extra work I put in makes this blog more unique, useful, and interesting to you.

Duarte Design is the maven of presentation mavens. Remember the point of presentations? “Inform, inspire, persuade”, according to their slide:ology blog. Presentations have gotten a bad rap, mostly because presenters focus on the “Inform”, but forget about “Inspire” and “Persuade”. And the irony? Since nobody is inspired, they tune out and the presenter fails at his sole intent, which was to inform.

At work I had the pleasure of seeing Garr Reynolds speak. His presentation inspired me to change the way I make presentations. It’s been hard to make the shift, since all my presentations for work are meeting-based and more about discussion aids rather than trying to inspire a group. I hope through this project I can put more of what I’ve learned to use.

My latest presentation-related inspiration has come from Pecha-Kucha, a format that promises to keep it short (20 slides at 20 seconds per slide) and in return gets more active engagement from the audience.