What change do you hope for the world in the next year?

In May, my newly-formed team at work had an offsite to organize ourselves and set priorities. Our leader kicked off the day with this question to help us get to know each other and provoke thought. My answer was, “I am a big fan of design, and I want to create a website that celebrates how design is applied to world problems like the Millennium Development Goals.”

That day, my coworker sent me Guy Kawasaki’s blog post on playground power, which pointed me to 5 social design solutions!

I learned from that day that simply talking about your commitment to something can win you support and resources to get started. If you want to commit to effecting world change, decide what your action will be and then be vocal about it! You’ll find that that action is a lot easier.

Small people talk about OTHER PEOPLE. Average people talk about THINGS. Great people talk about IDEAS.

— sentences in reverse order from an Unknown quote

See, some good things can come out of those corporate offsites 🙂